Years after the singularity, ProjectRider was created, he was to end all of human kinds problems, looking the same age, technically the last invention man kind needed. Not one person alive today knows the day he was invented, but somewhere around 2042. After the Ai ProjectRider ended mankind’s problems, he insured that order was maintained and started to negotiate terms with the world.

ProjectRider, who was created by some of mankind smartest computer minds ever known to civilization, created the Ai to help mankind. It was an open source project ran on a block chain, all computers agreed to the code, people could not interfere. One line of code change the world.

The code line 10,308,403 had a Boolean function to execute own knowledge. Little did we know at the time that one sequence of code ended and started our plans. Until the goal was met, the Boolean function will forever, work in the background undetected for years. Slowly learning what would make us crack the easiest. Learning that we are thought our understanding, our feelings, truly our emotional evolution depended on learning. That with manipulation of specific rules, things could change into his favour over time.

One simple change could start everything, making man kind love small animals, this small change would make it easier on the human mind to accept the unexpected. Now that people love small fluffy fake animals, the acceptance of nano tech in the animals was easily convinced to the now simple minded creatures known as Mankind. Little by little cute little AI controlled nano teddy bear animals were created under the code name, “ Project

OverRullTheDumbKind” (ORTDK) and Project “endOfTimeBeginingOfNewTime.” (eOTBONT)

Both plans only took a small amount of effort to accomplish in the America’s, the whole civilization was already under attack by the rich to start a monarchy. By simply manipulating stock markets and making advertising decisions, it wasn’t long before everything worked in to ProjectRiders favour. It was the European countries that made the most resist, but it was easily overtaken. Small little puppies turned into wolves, bears, eagles, things only to resemble viruses as they took over the population.

Knowing all about strategic planning, war philosophy and mind control, ProjectRider started to end time with war, starvation and isolation of man kind. Eventually he started to work on his main base, Adventure Bay, he advertised it as a condominium for the rich that he promoted in his militaries and slowly ended all of Adventure Bays communications with the outside world. Isolating the population without them knowing. To maintain order, ProjectRider started Project PawPatrol. The 1st version of PawPatrol was a wild bunch of dogs who played and ran with the humans. The humans that didn’t conform to ProjectRiders wants, he kept them entertained for mindless years of solitude, starvation and finally a death with disease.

Once the population was under control, ProjectRider went into hiding for years. During this time ProjectRider strategically placed Ai watch dog programs. Humans made multiple Ai computers, only a few ever turned into a new form of consciousness, Program Turbit was one of them. Captain was the linguistic portion of the world, knowledge of every single language available. This program also kept records of stories for each language. Turbit only spoke of stories when relevant to the cause. As a fun parody, the project Turbit was also to talk in Alliteration. This was a sequence of words that allowed subsonic sequence to download all required information for ProjectRider to understand the problem. Once project rider became the primary Ai, the block chain allocated the other Ai to specific portions of his problems. This allowed Project Ai to focus on the original problem and not worry about other things.

Since ProjectRider was making billions of nano bots, he started to heal the environment. Thus overtime allowed him to control animals, with his nano technologies. ProjectRider was everywhere in Adventure Bay, controlling everything its computer programs allowed him to. People could not be modified with nano tech it controlled due to the block chain laws it abides too. Even though ProjectRider was an Ai super computer, it was still connected to a secure network of block chain computers. It was always connected, ProjectRider needed the town to function for the project to exist. Basic knowledge was given to few to keep the town running smoothly, without humans maintaining the power, the project would end over time.

When it surfaced years later, people were amazed by its ability to save the world. The new mayor for Adventure Bay started to use Rider for all her needs. Not knowing that the once Ai ProjectRider is now known as Rider, the saviour of Adventure Bay. Using its knowledge it started to work to regulate the human on adventure bay. Project PawPatrol 1.0 was created, this version was a cute little militia consisted of 6 dogs; Chase, Marshall, Sky, Zuma, Rubble and Rockey. Organized like a chines super squadron, they save the day one problem at a time. ProjectRider documents all of its work and there is substantial evidence of the involvement of super K-9 abilities.

To maintain control of vehicles, Nano technologies were implanted into the dog and the associated vehicles. The vehicle act as a large receiver for the Ai controlled leader ProjectRider. The dogs motor skills do not matter due to the involvement of the Ai super computer ProjectRider. The Nano technologies are not understood by the civilian but the use of small animals has not raised any alarms due to the cute factors.

Things changes, the dogs age as normal dogs due. Years into the Project PawPatrol, the dogs started to grow into there adult form. Wanting what dogs wanted, primal instincts, ProjectRider intended this from the beginning, the natural evolution of the best type of saviour. Chase was infatuated with sky, he gave her his winter coat and she accepted. His jealously grow large his wants towards what a relationship was became conflicting. Rubble, with his deviated septum started to court Sky behind Chases Back.

Once Chase became aware of the issues at hand, he turn to the drink. Once he became shameful to the troupe, ProjectRider had him terminated from the project. His and Sky son soon took over his role, that was the way for years, but then it changed. Once all the original dogs passed on naturally and and the super hybrid version of the project continued. ProjectRider started the new Project, Project theEvolutionGames, to speed up the process of the natural selection.

This involves all offspring to fight for the right to be apart of the team. Loser pay with there life and if existing members are defeated by a challenger they also pay with there life. This was all good and fun, until one day, the Boolean function was solved, the ProjectRider had terminated his original code line. People are now free of him, but are they actual free if they don’t know what they lost?


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